Leveraging Gardens to Sell Your Home in The Berkshires | BIRCH Properties Blog

Leveraging Gardens to Sell Your Home in The Berkshires | BIRCH Properties Blog

Leveraging Flower Gardens to Sell Your Home in The Berkshires

Nestled in the heart of New England, Berkshire County is a picturesque enclave that epitomizes the charm and beauty of western Massachusetts. As a realtor and landscape designer residing in this lush landscape, I have the pleasure of intertwining my love for homes with my passion for landscape, sense of place and gardening. Here in the Berkshires, gardening allows our creative views to expand as we become grounded in nature.  It's a way of life that enhances our homes and communities.

Why Gardening?

Gardening goes beyond merely adding a splash of color to your landscape; it can significantly boost curb appeal, potentially increasing a property’s value. In the serene setting of Berkshire County, where natural beauty is paramount, a well-tended garden serves as an inviting accent to any home, whether you're looking to sell or simply enjoy your private Eden.

The Historic Allure of Flower Gardens

The allure of designed landscapes and gardens has transcended countless generations. Far more than mere displays of beauty and horticultural skill; they capture the essence of societies, reflecting both aesthetic preferences and botanical curiosities of the era. From the sacred groves of ancient civilizations to the elaborate formal gardens of European royalty, each blooming corner serves as a testament to human ingenuity and our perennial connection to nature.
The design and cultivation of these spaces often mirror the prevailing philosophies and artistic movements of the time, granting us valuable insight into the past. Even today, historical flower gardens continue to enchant visitors, inviting them to stroll through the footprints of time amidst their scented corridors and blossoming parterres.

The Horticultural Influence of the Berkshires

The Berkshires have a delightful history when it comes to gardens. This region's horticultural tradition dates back to the 19th century when affluent families began establishing summer estates, adorning them with lush gardens. It was during this era that the 'Berkshire Cottage' trend flourished, bringing with it a wave of landscape architects and gardeners who creatively infused the rolling landscapes with formal and informal gardens. The area became a canvas for colorful botanical displays, unique plant specimens, and innovative design techniques that complemented the natural aesthetics of the Berkshires. As public appreciation for these private oases grew, some estates evolved into public gardens, allowing a wider audience to immerse themselves in the floral splendor that is a hallmark of the region's storied past.

Understanding the New England Climate

The key to successful flower gardening in Berkshire County lies in understanding the local climate. New England weather can be capricious, with cold winters and variable springs. But fear not! Our summers bring warmth that encourages a myriad of blooms. When planning your garden, consider native plants that are acclimated to our weather patterns:

Spring Bloom Essentials:

  • Crocus They burst through the last snows of winter, heralding spring.
  • Tulips With vibrant colors, they're a festive touch after the gray winter.
  • Daffodils and narcissus Their spring arrival adds welcome splashes of yellow and white.

Summer Showstoppers:

  • Native sunflowers (Helianthus) These hardy natives add a golden glow all summer long.
  • Viburnums Perfect for shady spots, they flourish and flower here with minimal fuss.

Fall Favorites:

  • Asters Their rich hues compliment the fiery fall foliage.
  • Red Twig Dogwood and Winterberry Holly These shrubs add texture and late-season blooms.

Selling Homes with Gardening Flair

When I showcase homes, a captivating garden always makes a strong first impression. Here's how you can leverage flower gardening for your property listing:
  • Create a focal point: Use flowering plants to draw the eye to your home's best features.
  • Keep it tidy: Prune overgrowth to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Seasonal touches: Incorporate planters with seasonal blooms for an instant update.
In Berkshire County, we’re blessed with a canvas that changes with the seasons, offering endless possibilities for gardening enthusiasts. As a realtor, I cannot emphasize enough the joy and value that a well-maintained garden brings to a home. It’s where nature meets nurture, resulting in a living tapestry that captivates and charms, season after season.
Whether you're a green-thumbed veteran or a budding novice, I encourage you to embrace the art of flower gardening. Not only will your personal oasis thrive, but you may also see your real estate prospects bloom.
If you have questions about how landscaping could elevate your property value, or how you could improve your home's curb appeal, I'd be happy to connect!

Tips for Thriving Gardens

Here are a few tips to ensure your Berkshire garden flourishes:
  1. Test Your Soil: The Berkshire terrain varies, so test your soil to understand what amendments it may need.
  2. Choose the Right Spot: Consider sunlight, shade, and drainage when deciding where to place your garden beds.
  3. Mulch Matters: Mulching conserves moisture, controls weeds, and provides a polished look.

Where To Shop Plants in the Berkshires

Berkshire County is a gardener's paradise, with an abundance of places to find vibrant flowers and lush plants for your gardening projects.
Nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, Windy Hill Farm - Nursery Orchard Garden Shop in Great Barrington is a diverse horticultural operation. Consisting of an apple orchard, a blueberry field, field-grown specialty ornamental nursery stock, a retail garden center, Holiday Shop, and a full-service landscape department. Whether you are looking for a landscape consultation, design and installation, a rare specimen plant, advice on home orchard and small fruit design, or simply want to enjoy a family day picking blueberries or apples, we invite you to visit their farm for a unique horticultural experience.
If you're on the hunt for native species or exotic blooms, check out the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, where their plant shop is a treasure trove for enthusiasts. For those seeking a wide variety, Ward's Nursery & Garden Center in Great Barrington offers an extensive selection that can satisfy both novice and expert gardeners alike.
Don't miss the opportunity to visit Whitney's Farm Market & Garden Center in Cheshire, as they boast a colorful array of annuals, perennials, and vegetables.
Township Four Floristry & Home -  a cozy plant shop nestled inside the historic Red Lion Inn located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This charming store is a paradise for plant lovers, offering a wide variety of greenery that can brighten up any space. From lush ferns to delicate succulents, there's something for everyone. The shop also carries unique home decor items that complement their plants, making it easy to add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your home. The friendly staff are always ready to help with tips on plant care or choosing the perfect pot. Visiting Township Four is not just about shopping; it's an experience that combines the love for plants with the warmth of a community hub.
Lastly, for native plant seekers, Helia Native Nursery in Housatonic is the go-to spot for locally-sourced, environmentally friendly garden additions.
Each of these spots in Berkshire County not only provides a diverse range of plants and flowers but also serves as an inspiration for your own green oasis.
All the best,
Selina :)
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Selina Lamb is a study in contrasts — analytical yet creative, fun yet serious-minded, easygoing yet a fierce marketer and negotiator. She synthesizes years of experience in Berkshires' real estate; a liberal arts education from Williams College; a successful career at top U.S. fashion houses; and experience founding a nationally recognized landscape design firm into a real estate consultancy that centers around client well-being. Repeats and referrals comprise 98% of her business, and review after review mentions her market knowledge, vast network, warm sense of humor, and presence in her clients’ lives long after the deal has closed.
As a real estate partner, Selina aims to make people feel at home during each moment of the transaction, whether they’re seeking residential, commercial, or land development opportunities. A longtime Berkshires resident, she works tirelessly to plug her buyers into the community, ensuring they have every professional and resource they need to create fulfilling lives here. In addition, she leverages her expansive global network and marketing expertise to get her sellers’ properties maximum views, visits, and offers. Her future-forward service features tech, design, analysis, and humanity in equal measure — making it highly personalized and undeniably modern.
Selina’s unique approach comes from the circuitous path that brought her to real estate and back to the Berkshires. After graduating from Williams, Selina held executive roles for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, and Polo Ralph Lauren. During that time, she would escape to her Berkshire house on weekends to find delight in her garden, which inspired her to earn a graduate degree in site planning and landscape design. She eventually let go of her New York City address permanently and founded her acclaimed landscape design firm, which has been featured by Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and HGTV.
Selina’s design experience makes her an expert in envisioning clear and practicable solutions for presenting properties to their very best advantage, from staging to photography and beyond. For buyers and sellers, her wide breadth of knowledge of local regulations and permitting processes make her an invaluable resource.
Beyond real estate, Selina serves on the Williams College Parents Fund Committee and co-chaired the Emma Willard School Parents Fund Committee. In addition to gardening, she enjoys painting, skiing, and playing tennis.
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