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Luxury Bedding in the Berkshires | Betsy Workman | BIRCH Properties Blog

Since 1997, Betsy Workman has been designing and customizing the coziest, sustainable and most luxurious beds in the Berkshires and beyond. Her shop / atelier in Lenox where clients and friends convene to talk "best beds" feels like a Milanese workshop - filled with swatches and goodies you want to take home right away. If you spend some time with Betsy she will whip up bedroom settings and bed and bath linens which are both luxurious and a personal style statement. 
La Pace (pronounced La Pah-Chay) means "peace" in Italian. Betsy's upscale boutique in Lenox is where you'll find the best bed and bath products on the planet.
Betsy and I met through an old acquaintance and at once discovered a shared familiarity with publishing, New York City, travel and more! Her super sharp wit make every conversation fun and enlightening. Having traveled widely, Betsy brings an unrivaled taste level to the world of bedding and will make yours come to life in any dream you can conjure.

As Betsy likes to say, "We like to think of La Pace as being a playground for grown-ups, where everything is best enjoyed by petting it, feeling it, and holding it close."  Her philosophy is evident in this Kumi Kookoon silk and velvet bedding display at her shop.
Betsy is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to brands that are sustainable luxury. When you visit her shop, you'll be amazed at the selection La Pace offers - piles of cashmere, down, silk goodies and a gorgeous array of toweling options you need to complete your bedroom and bathroom...right down to a very unique selection of rubber duckies! 
A world traveler with a taste for serious luxury, Betsy's selections range across Europe and Asia and are always unique and of the highest quality. 
Your own travels will be made more comfortable, thanks to her curated collections.  Treat yourself to a Kumi Kookoon silk eye mask, infused with essential amino acids to enhance your body’s natural powers of rejuvenation or any number of throws to keep you warm as you go.
Enjoy your new home with Italian-woven, 100% extra-long-staple cotton linens from La Pace.  Essential brands like Finna by Sferra, Celeste, and Signoria provide you with the most desirable sleep environment!
Betsy explains that their number one selling percale sheet brand, Celeste, is like "a favorite shirt that feels wonderful the moment you put it on, allowing you to relax into its cool comfort, and getting better with every wash. It's expertly woven to the perfect chamois-like softness, complimented by the elegant simplicity of a single hemstitch, for the dreamiest nights of sleep."
Finna by Sferra is inspired by minimalist design, which strips away unnecessary decorative elements to reveal the essential qualities of a piece. Finna’s double hemstitch maintains an understated – and modern – elegance. Its special hand comes from an innovative finishing process, which makes the percale feel super-sleek.
Luxury is evident with the Tuscan brand, Signoria Firenze.  They weave tradition with innovation, marrying art with uncompromising quality. Signoria combines the Florentine tradition of hand-made textiles with the quality of fabrics woven from the world’s finest cotton, then dyed & finished employing renown Italian innovative techniques.
As an authorized retailer of Abyss & Habidecor, La Pace has access to their complete collection and can even place a special order for any item. Long lasting and super absorbent, the Portugal design company is known for their luxury and quality of the finest towels, rugs, and bathrobes, and only works with the finest raw materials, using pure Egyptian cotton, linen and silk.

You have to visit La Pace in-store to feel the luxury for yourself - especially since Betsy is known for serving up a glass of bubbly, or designer water and chocolate if you come on the right day, or "if the mood strikes her right!"


Aside from bedding and bath linens, Betsy also carries accessories, home decor, fragrance, and irreverent towels for any occasion. La Pace is a great stop for finding an unexpected and delightful gift.
Shop La Pace on Church Street in Lenox and be treated to an immersive shopping experience like no other in the Berkshires. And definitely meet Betsy!
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